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What We Do

TANRC Four Key Functions: 

  1. Gate Keeper: Upon entry, all members agree to follow the community driven standards of behavior to promote trust and transparency.
  2. Standard Setter: Use of model to promote transparency and accountability through community agreed standards.
  3. Collaborator: The model enhances communication through a collaborative approach to self-regulate itself.
  4. Enforcer: Provide an investigative method to continuously monitor the ecosystem for any fraudulent activities or to identify parties who fail to deliver upon the standards of the community.

Standard Setter

Like all self-regulatory organizations, the intent is to address community issues in a manner acceptable to the community. However, we address the social issues through a process which creates a fair and reasonable mechanism for  collaboration between accredited entities, small business owners and supportive organizations, which we call the marketplace.

Our standards, which are voted upon, agreed to and adhered to, to provide a baseline level of quality and process for all community members. 

Endorsed members have full access to current standards and those which are in draft status, pending community voting and System Board of Governor approval.

Investigative and Enforcement Processes

All systems need to have controls in place so everyone understands and lives by the same operating rules.  This builds accountability, trust and lasting relationships.

The investigative process is designed to provide the rigidity required to ensure compliance, while providing enough flexibility to be fair and reasonable.

The enforcement process imposes fines or sanctions on those members who do not follow the guidelines within the system.  The fines and sanctions are assessed based on the severity of the situation or non-conformance.


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